One App, Many Uses

We have great news – the Carlingford Cougars have partnered with iSponsor as a new and innovative way to fundraise and find sponsorships for our club. iSponsor connects local businesses to our club through a simple and easy-to-use shopping app.

How Does It Work?

When you make a purchase online (done through the iSponsor app) or at a sponsor’s place of business and pay using your registered card, Carlingford Cougars will receive a percentage of your purchase. The club earns funds from your everyday transactions at no extra cost to YOU. This is a fantastic way to support our local retailers and merchants who in turn are supporting us.

Why Should I Join?

  • There is no added cost to you!
  • Fundraising made simple and easy.
  • Discounts and deals from brands on the app.
  • Support your club as well as local businesses when you shop through the iSponsor app.

Download the app now!

Be one of the growing list of Carlingford Cougars supporters to get on board with this unique way of raising funds just by shopping!